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The Mini Donut Reimagined

The ‘better donut’ company.

Introducing mini donut creations that taste better, and even feel better. From a small form factor that prioritizes flavour and variety to natural ingredients that you find in your own kitchen. Whether you get Little Didi’s Donuts just for yourself or to share, to sweeten your morning commute or to slowly indulge as an afternoon delight.


Small but mighty.

Being mini allows for more flavour per bite. That doesn’t mean ‘more calories’ or ‘more oil.’ Quite to the contrary, actually. You’re also not committed to one giant heap of dough with a single flavour. And that’s why small tastes better.


Everything you want, nothing you don’t.

Using flour, milk, butter, eggs, sugar and a few spices, fried to perfection in sunflower oil, Little Didi uses only simple ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen. This way you can trust what’s in it. No artificial flavours or preservatives, and nothing you can’t spell anyway.


what we care about most:

To delight with fresh donuts that have great taste and don’t compromise.

and then also:

To shape the community by creating jobs and inspiring others.